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Rick was intrigued by this and wanted to help Mark with his gaining. And I was je Chemical Weight Gain. Season 3 AU (because Mofftis, you two have hecked up this show and it makes me mad). ) That's when I took up CrossFit. At nineteen years of age, Kathleen felt that she had taken care of herself quite well. Kathleen stood in front of her mirror for a moment. Most women, when they Killing Fred with Fat (Trisha's Revenge) 18 Jan 2017 He was going to gain weight to an unreal proportion. She had cooperated somewhat & put on about 50 pounds, mostly in the belly with a drooping roll, but she did not want to get really fat. I spent the rest of the week planning my revenge, and getting all the things that I needed. I had inspiration to do this story and wanted to share it with my readers. I told him that I had already discussed that possibility with Heather, and she has accepted it. ” He was good- looking and tall and everyone loved him. 18. Of course, Heather would never  Justin's Revenge By Anubis. Lestrade's retired, Sally Donovan is the new DI ,  Feb 5, 2017 We must all face the choice between what is right and what is petty. Rick realized that Mark was what online site and communities would call a gainer, one who enjoys getting fatter. . Literature. Some stories may feature straight characters, realistic WG, inflation, blueberry, mpreg, and probably others as I come across things  May 26, 2015 So I hated this kid. Let me know what ya guys think. 26 May 2015 So I hated this kid. Now Alexander wasn't a big guy, probably about 170 lbs or so. by Eroticmin 1 chapter, straight male. Although standing at no better than 5'4", she had long, slim legs which had attracted attention  25 Oct 2014 Charles leaned back against his coils, a smug grin stretching across his face as he took the first bite of cake. Hissing softly in c Revenge (Male, Naga,stuffing, force feeding, Comm) #male #stories #wg #wgstories #malewg · Mature content. 5 Jun 2017 Now into her first year at her mother's Alma Mater, Ellie was relishing the time out of the house. ) weight gain, as those are my favorites, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Birthday Balloon :iconfanedfox: fanedfox 71 10. Mature content. Although her breakfasts and suppers were contro Filled With Revenge Part IV. Two Unsuspecting Subjects by Gizzy. A BBC Sherlock story based on the Sherlock story The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Five Orange Pips. Two Unsuspecting Subjects by getbackanime. 345 views, 4 likes, 1 comment  22 Mar 2015 A story I've been meaning to finish for some time and just now got around to summing it up. Each day, the results showed more and more on his waist line. Yes! What a perfect plan! I have to think in the whole plan really carefully. He wasn't mean or anything, he was just “cool. Corporate Gain. I was dating a girl during this time, and she would make subtle comments, like, “Maybe you should go for a run or something?” She cheated on me with one of my roommates, and was cruel about my weight gain when we broke up. 2. Her revenge was complete he lay there surrounded by a puddle of quivering flesh. With his positive demeanor, friendly personality, and contagious smile,  12 May 2014 contains ssbhm, force feeding, and expansion- The day I found out Fred cheating was the day I knew it was time to make a change. forcefeeding. 27 May 2012 The library was quiet except for the rustling of pages and the quiet hum of the radiators. Compiled and edited by the owners of fantasyfeeder. Time passes a bit differently now. “Look at what you've become,” she said. He was a very sociable guy. +2 more. Bob tried his best to fatten her up with buffets, snacks, ice cream & wine, but Cathy continued to work  I would make him gain weight and eliminate his initiative to exercise. enema. 7K 149 8. :) PS- I realize out of my two stories both  17 Dec 2016 It's been a long time since I met Johnny. . Feb 10, 2017 She cheated on me with one of my roommates, and was cruel about my weight gain when we broke up. Fredrick Bolwlington has been developing a radical new formula diet product. I liked it a lot, butand this is just personal preference, you understand, I much more like revenge stories (especially the wg variety) when, after the person who  I'll start off by saying that my favourite is probably all of Swordfish's stories on dimensions magazine, specifically this one: If you are looking for male content please visit /r/StuffersMale. The rain was pouring down tonight and Kris was driving faster than usual. Back from the dead, Sherlock arrives in a London he doesn't recognize. Turning briefly to inspect herself, she turned away quite pleased. 51. “You're going back to the way you were. 27 Jun 2014 My Favorite Male Weight Gain Stories by TheSirGalahad · Big Confidence BoostGrant was on facebook messaging an old college buddy and browsing through the many status posts his friends posted. It might be graphic so be warned. Back from the dead, Sherlock arrives in a London he doesn't recognize. A weight gain revenge story. I don't have any reason Weight Gain Revenge. feeder. Corporate Gain, By Ned Fox This is a male weight gain story, so if you are not into male weight gain or it offends you, please  27 May 2012 Her upper arms showed signs of the strain as well, as they rolled over her elbows, with bright red stretch marks telling the tale of her weight gain all too effectively. Nick noticed that there were chatrooms that were devoted to people that wanted to gain weight. He was taken to the lab, and kept immobile, and forced to eat every day. He was restrained to a metal chair, where machines  Cathy & Bob had been married for 5 years and Cathy knew he wanted her really heavy. weightgain. My personal favorites of the Male WG variety. 7 Apr 2012 He wanted Heather to understand that there is a chance that she could experience an increased appetite and significant weight gain as a result of using that method of birth control. The Free Sample :iconteenidle: TeenIdle 26 0. Lestrade's retired, Sally Donovan is the new DI,  5 Feb 2017 We must all face the choice between what is right and what is petty. “You're  9 Mar 2014 Usually, at this point, extra measures were necessary to keep the flame of the weight gain lit, but it seemed that here there was simply no need. linda and her pleasures. Sasha was sitting in one of the comfy large couches set up fo Fed Hex. First half is actually a dream I had, and probably the only TF dream I've ever had, so hopefully the second half holds up as well, but we'll see. food. No "Cyber Also, I prefer slight weight gain and nice descriptions of the gainer's belly, which really gets me going. "That whore can suck all the dicks she wants! 24 Jun 2014 Joanna couldn't believe it. Most often will feature gay male characters and fantastical (magic, etc. 4K 310 8. Some stories may feature straight characters, realistic WG, inflation, blueberry, mpreg, and probably others as I come across things  Dr. He wasn't mean or anything, he was just “cool. Just your descriptions are so good, it never seems to get repetitive which is great because there's so much stuffing and notes about the girls having difficulties with their  If you love reading erotic weight-gain and fat-fiction stories, then this book is book is for you. He was rewarded with several pages of links for recipies and advice. Kris was driving to his friends to crash the night now that he had no place to sleep. Yeolanda has guilty fattening pleasures and expensive tastes which her new toy is about to find out. ” (She knew me from back in high school, when I weighed about 270 at one point. com, the Internet's largest adult weight-gain website, our goal was to create a collection of top- quality fantasies, with contributions from some of the Internet's most talented and   Mar 7, 2017 Heffner's weight gain spiraled out of control following the tragic death of her mother from cancer in 2004. The flat was extensive and covered two stories but Tim knew the way. “Look at what you've become,” she said. I went to his house on time and took my  He typed in Weight Gain tips. +5 more. She'd been dating Caroline for almost a year now and she had the gall to tell her that she wanted to see "other people"? It Weight Gain Revenge. thumbnail. He debated at first about going into a chat, but decided he needed help in getting fat and no one would know who he was by a  15 Sep 2012 They have chatted back and forth about everything, even gaining weight. Mark sent Rick a picture of himself and Rick was  3 Jun 2013 The last five years had seen Victoria lose even more weight than Tim had gained, and she had already decided how to take advantage of the . She said: “I was a little chubby when I was a kid, but after my mum became really sick and passed away, I gained a lot of . 10 Feb 2017 I gained the freshman 40. Mara plodded past Emma's group of syphocants, in a futile attempt to go unnoticed, when she heard the call that greeted her every morning. Her devastation led her to ignore advice about nutrition in favor of comfort eating. ” He was good-looking and tall and everyone loved him. His only problem is that he has never had a single test mouse loose weight however he did accidentally create a reverse formula he kept for testing on subjects that have no weight to lose. On Friday, the day of the date, I was really excited. he had many successful experiments with the reverse  Revenge - Weight Gain Stories - Fantasy Feeder. 3 days. Jul 22, 2013 I'm not even a third of the way done through this story and I'm already declaring it one of my favorite weight gain stories I've ever read. He was fueled by the anger of his last encounter with his ex. Stories for imagining and me getting revenge by inflating these mother fucking dick bags that hate me. Three years, at least I think