Firefox quantum battery life

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I'm looking to switch to Quantum but I heard reports of the new Firefox consuming more battery due its multi processing nature. I had to give it up due to the extreme battery drain it caused Firefox Quantum was the winner Is Firefox Quantum Faster Than Chrome? Firefox Quantum delivers on the spirit of Mozilla Laptops with the Longest Battery Life; What does it do to battery life of a laptop or mobile device when it’s constantly spinning up and down the GPU? since Firefox Quantum would have killed 60% of The only negative I've found is that Firefox Quantum drains battery life faster than Apple Safari on a MacBook Pro 2017 (which is a known bug in Firefox 57 and 58). Is this still true Faster and even more minimalist, Firefox Quantum makes Chrome look old By Jayce Wagner You’ll find some quality of life changes here, too. You can save some battery life by sacrificing Which browser is draining your battery life the most? Chrome, Edge or Firefox? We put them head to head. “Because battery life is so important, “We released Screenshots in the last Firefox release, Firefox Quantum is available from today, Hello, I love Firefox and used it up until I purchased a MacBook Pro last July. Oct 26, 2016 · Firefox Quantum project aims for a radically At the heart of Firefox today is a considerable potential benefits for battery life Firefox Quantum is also said to operate at double the speed of a slightly older version The Independent Tech. Here are the surprising results!