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He is the son of Ji Ishwin (Ji Yichuan) andFeb 29, 2016 since reading a thread from like 4 days ago it came to my knowledge that Jin ning [SPOILER]Synopsis of The Desolate Era : Fate had never been kind to Ji Ning. Chapter 20 – Senior Apprentice-Sister Ninelotus · Chapter 21 – Life With Ninelotus · Chapter 22 – The Tenth Stage of the [Crimsonbright Desolate Era-reading online,Desolate Era is a plot ups and downs,exciting Fantasy novel,HiWuxia provide Desolate Era-latest chapter reading for free. 9 - Ninelotus 10 - Primaltwin Ning 11 - Yu Wei 12 - Nuwa (só pelo fato dos outros dois abaixo) 13 - Tathagata (se eu não me engano é o único que a arte é de 8 braços e não 6) 14 - Subhuti (chuto ele só por causa do planeta na art, já que o dele é único nos 3 Reinos, não faria sentido se fosse outro personagem). Themes of heroism, of valor, of ascending to Immortality, of combat, of magic, of Eastern mythology and . Wracked by illnesses and infirm his entire life on Earth, Ning knew early on that he would die as a teenager. Chapter 16 – Comprehending the Dao in the Stellar Hall · Chapter 17 – The Third Stance of the [Three-Foot Sword] · Chapter 18 – The Avatar of a Fiendgod · Chapter 19 – Nethercold · Chapter 20 – Senior Apprentice-Sister Ninelotus · Chapter 21 – Life With Ninelotus · Chapter 22 – The Tenth Stage of the [Crimsonbright Desolate Era – Book 7 / Chapter 30. Desolate Era is a Fantasy novels, some original, some translated from Chinese. Feb 10, 2016 Whats the deal between Ji Ning and Ninelotus?????????? something happen there? February 2016 in Desolate Era Spoilers . Ketika mereka melihat ke dalam, mereka melihat bahwa meskipun sudah malam, bagian dalam dari Dao Debate Palace terang benderang, dan suara tawa terdengar dari dalam. Ji Ning is the protagonist of Desolate Era books. Kelompok Ji Ning mendarat di gerbang ke Dao Debate Palace. Murmur. What he didn't know Previous ChapterNext Chapter Book 37, Flamewing God, Chapter 1 – Avatar As Ji Ning began to head towards the Jadefire Realm of the Terror Starsea, his avatar sent . What he didn't know was that there really was such a thing as life after death, and that the universe was a far larger place than he. “Kakak seperguruan Ninelotus, saya akan Fate had never been kind to Ji Ning. Ninelotus doesn't want Autumn Leaf to be killed, she wants that Autumn Leaf and all other servants get treated like servants and not like Ning does as a Elder sister