4 EWBF's CUDA Zcash miner; 2. Whenever we have a clear market . Note that the CUDA version can be used to mine with the CPU, OpenCL and CUDA and you should be are able to use  23 Apr 2016 - 3 min - Uploaded by Tech YES CityAfter testing the CPU side of things in the 4K MP4 workspace for Adobe Premiere Pro, I decided 18 Aug 2012 Hashing on a GPU requires an OpenCL compatible (ATI/AMD) or CUDA compatible (NVIDIA) graphics card. For now I just have equal hashrate on CUDA vs OpenCL, so in a way it's quite pointless :) . suprnova. If you have Nvidia use -U (makes it mine with cuda). CPU vs latest gen GPU ? Nvidia can run OpenCL but its optimized for CUDA; AMD gpus cannot run CUDA but tend to run OpenCL better than Nvidia gpus (to the best of my knowledge). For the GTX 9xx or 10xx you will need this driver package. А биткойны - это перебор хешей. 3 Optiminer. On-GPU DAG generation. Дело не в том что CUDA плохая и медленная, просто она расчитана на уравнения, химию и всё такое. The full list of IDs is printed every time the miner is started. Download the CUDA toolkit for Ubuntu from NVIDIAs CUDA site. Symmetry 716 days ago [-]. Nvidia binary drivers don't like X and every time I kill X ( service lightdm stop the  You need to explicitly enable CUDA devices (setting '-cd' parameter). Runner Up morpav/ zceq_solver. nginnever. Open a terminal an run the installation file with the command:  25 Jul 2016 Besides being a super versatile program, BFGminer has really interesting features: vector support, integrated overclocking and fan control, ADL device reordering by PCI bus ID, support for mining with free Mesa/LLVM OpenCL and for getblocktemplate decentralized mining protocol and also crypt mining . CUDA vs OpenCL: Which should I use? Introduction; Facts. zip for AMD cards or cuda miner cudaminer. nvidia. Note that Nvidia GPUs should be listed twice, once as CUDA and once as OpenCL devices; the OpenCL interface is  Where to mine with AMD OpenCL GPUs. This operation can be implemented as a single hardware instruction on AMD GPUs (BIT_ALIGN_INT),  June 2015. 78 (from Nvidia) - 376. OpenCL, I'd certainly be using native CUDA runtimes and things built for it if I could find a way to install the runtimes properly. If you have an older card maybe the opensource drivers will work for you. The reasons are portability and compatibility. Uebrigens nutzt der "standard" eth miner OpenCL 1. + wget http://developer. 0. 16 Jun 2015 I'm working on a CUDA port of an OpenCL miner for a new crypto 'currency' (Ethereum). OpenGL, OpenGL has a good chance to win in the long run as Valve is switching to OpenGL and starts bringing out their own operating system SteamOS. 19 Jan 2017 Solo vs. Reply to clutchc Most of the realtime 3D rendering engines that support GPU rendering have better support for CUDA on NVidia rather than OpenCL which AMD target. nicehash. 2. While it has been claimed  By default, all OpenCL GPUs are used. When it comes to cryptocurrency mining, the situation is very similar to a real mine when you consider each GPU to be a person that is mining. 1 Features. com:3357 -u YOUR_EMAIL -od 0  4 Oct 2011 Unlike current programming languages, CUDA and OpenCL were designed to create applications that can run on hundreds of parallel processing elements and manage many thousands of threads, which makes them attractive compared to C++ and Java. 0, supports both Nvidia CUD and AMD OpenCL  The package also includes two versions of ethminer (also 64-bit only), the standard one with CPU and OpenCL mining as a part of cpp-ethereum and a second one forked to support CUDA as well. Downloads. Joined April 2014  For example, AMD cards are much better for Bitcoin mining. Unfortunately both Cuda and OpenCL aren't enabled. For AMD, install  24 Jun 2016 We already know Polaris is a terrible miner card due to low compute performance. I did a rather unscientific test today on my Macbook Pro with CC2015 and got quite a surprising result. ZEC CUDA, GPU, nheqminer -l zec. http://cryptomining-*********/tag/rx-480-hashrate/ Note something? http://www. -l: location(eu1,eu2,us-east1,us-west1,asia1) -u: set user/worker/email -p: set password -cd: set CUDA mining on spec. Another finding is that an alternative kernel written in OpenCL has the same issue. This means you won't be able to mine Siacoin, but check the mining hardware section (below) to see what mining-ready GPUs are  2 GPU Mining. I'm now mining with CUDA on the blockchain, but with the current hashrate I don't think I'll be finding any block anytime soon. 26 Sep 2017 CUDA vs OpenCL: Which should I use? Contents. This time the focus is the addition for support of Nicehash's Ethereum stratum implementation with extranonce subscribe for optimum performance when mining altcoins based on the Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm such as Ethereum (ETH). After you have agreed the terms, download  13 окт 2009 Первые GPGPU приложения в качестве ядер (kernel в CUDA и OpenCL) использовали шейдеры, а данные запаковывались в текстуры. Everyone (application developers, consumers and  19 Jan 2014 CUDA Core is the term Nvidia uses to call the shaders in its GPUs. It's not As to CUDA vs. With Moore's Law's demise, they're increasingly replacing CPU in the ranking of importance in computer architecture. com/compute/cuda/7_0/Prod/local_installers/cuda_7. download. ok, so i really did look before i posted this questions. The binary is compiled with CUDA 8. 13 Jun 2017 Also I'm using AMD Cards so I'm mining with the -G (which mines with opencl). pool. The Cudaminer is designed specifically for Nvidia GPU mining with Cuda accelerated mining application for Litecoin and Scrypt based altcoins. Subsequently the java DiabloMiner based  23 Oct 2017 ethminer - Ethereum miner with OpenCL, CUDA and stratum support. (Let us know if you have translated this article too… And thank you!) Last year I explained the main differences between CUDA and OpenCL. minergate. 5 Excavator. And to lead into that, I'll point out that  Hi, I have an Asus Geforce GTX 1060 Turbo 6 GB for 2 months now. pkg -target / brew update brew tap ethereum/ethereum  27 Jan 2016 And they will either be slower and less feature rich (openCL vs cuda) or lower level and more difficult to use (OpenGL/Vulcan vs DirectX). An optimized cpu-version (and potentially opencl version). devices(0 1 2 3 4 5 6) -ov:  Ethminer By Genoil. CUDA performance on the GTX 1080 Is one GPGPU compute API faster than the other with NVIDIA's proprietary driver? Here are some  Secondly, another difference favoring Bitcoin mining on AMD GPUs instead of Nvidia's is that the mining algorithm is based on SHA-256, which makes heavy use of the 32-bit integer right rotate operation. Der Autor  If you are on windows x64 1. Run eth_pp_ua-ocl. If you see something else, you likely don't have a compatible GPU. I still have some optimization left to do, but it isn't going to do much, I think. 2 und laeuft dementsprechend auf Karten beider Hersteller. The best place for the moment with a properly working OpenCL miner for most people seems to be the Coinsforall mining pool that has a working OpenCL/CUDA miner available. OpenCL; presumably OpenCL is the long-term future, just by dint of being an open standard. 3 GPU Miner Comparison Linux with multi-GPU and Stratum support. devices(0 1 2 4 5 6) -od: OpenCL mining on spec. 1 Claymore Miner by Claymore; 2. 52 driver and the latest OpenCL CUDA package, which is CUDA 8. ethminer --farm-recheck 200 -G -S eth. It could all change when  Hey all, I'm new to Feathercoin mining and I had a few issues surrounding miners in general. Put your ethereum address at bat-file. For NVidia install the 347. открытый Havoc; дорогой Intel Thread Profiler vs. 70 (from Asus website) - 368. To answer the extra questions and statements you put in this one vs the last one: If the pools lag when he gets connected, he would  16 Apr 2013 This article is going to explain the difference, address whether or not better CUDA miners would dramatically shift the performance delta between AMD We will discuss power efficiency and Mhash/watt to an extent, because these factors have an impact on comparing the mining performance of AMD vs. 78 let  Ethereum mining. 2 Silentarmy by Marc Bevand; 2. 3. OpenCL rendering: Last but not least is the Radeon Sapphire R9-290x 4GB GPU I just picked up. It is written in OpenCL and has been tested on AMD/Nvidia/Intel GPUs, Xeon Phi, and more. This guarantees your disk will be free from DAG files. And hot mid-range cards like the RX-580/480 are scarce as hens teeth right now thanks to the bitcoin miners. It already . 009 биткойна в день. For graphics, the comparison usually comes up as as a close match for processors because of the difference in the GPU architecture. Pool Mining. zip for NVIDIA cards. Nvidia CUDA mining. dslrfilmnoob. I've tried the following driver versions : - 372. Before I cover  GUIMiner supports the most popular Bitcoin Mining software, including OpenCL Miner for AMD graphics cards, CUDA Miner for Nvidia cards, CGminer for any ASIC Miner, and even Ufasoft Miner so you can mine Bitcoins with your CPU! Not only does GUIminer support all of these different Bitcoin miners, it also supports  ZEC, CPU, nheqminer -l zec. Once used for gaming mainly, GPUs are today the main components of AI servers, VR machines and blockchain miners. Download opencl miner opeclminer. OpenCL device picking. cc:5000 -O maxsilver. 3. genoil:x -SP 2 -X --opencl-platform 1 --cuda-devices 2 . To use a specific subset of OpenCL devices, use option -d with a comma-separated list of device IDs. Калькулятор добычи в сутки генерации говорит что у тебя 0. . 33 (from Nvidia) - 372. 0 at the time of writing. An Attempt at a Conclusion; Other comparisons  12 Jun 2016 Following yesterday's Deep Learning and CUDA Benchmarks On The GeForce GTX 1080 Under Linux one of the Phoronix reader inquiries was about the OpenCL vs. 1. If you wish to mine only with CUDA and no CPU, set '-t 0'. Vendors; Other Free components; Code Portability; Capabilities; Speed; Maintenance. Stratum mining without the need of a proxy. 29_mac. The algorithm for mining Ethereum is DaggerHashimoto. Zogminer (Zcash OpenCL GPU Miner) is a C/C++ platform with OpenCL  16 Nov 2017 For OpenCL or CUDA to work with nvidia graphics cards, like my GTX 1070, you need to install this proprietary driver from nvidia. morpav. Both have done similar projects for other coins, and, lets just say there was a large gap  NiceHash · @NiceHashMining. 0 vs cuda 8. This pool does not use stratum and their own miner is currently not compatible with other pools as they  OpenCL (Open Computing Language) is a framework for writing programs that execute across heterogeneous platforms consisting of central processing units (CPUs), graphics processing units (GPUs), digital signal processors (DSPs), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and other processors or hardware accelerators  Liegt das eigentlich am Mangel der CUDA-fähigen APIs für's Schürfen oder ist CUDA generell unpassend? Verstehe die Frage im Bezug auf das Zitat nicht, das passt nicht zusammen. x ethminer release, build by Genoil with AMD (OpenCL) and NVIDIA (CUDA) support · ethminer source code by Genoil with AMD  Having worked on both the CPU and GPU miner, what is your opinion on the speed difference between the latest gen. You can read the complete comparison here http://graphicscardhub. setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0 setx . On 2017-11-17 02:51, sfornengo wrote: Is there some improvements with cuda 9. 22 Jun 2011 Translation available: Russian/Русский. There would be a noticeable speed increase compared to OpenCL based miners. bat. com/2014/04/26/opencl-vs-cuda-adobe-premiere-cc-rendering-test/ He says that opencl and cuda are the same, do you have  Tromp's solvers for CPU and CUDA. бесплатный AMD  4 Oct 2014 Hi all, I've been in discussions with a couple of very talented OpenCL (AMD) and Cuda (Nvidia) developers who both think there are decent optimisations to be had from spending some time on existing mining software. If you are on linux just open terminal and put commands: sudo apt-get clean sudo add-apt-repository  12 Jun 2017 CUDA and OpenCL are gateways to your computers' GPU. Runner Up tromp/ equihash. com:3357 -u YOUR_EMAIL. 90 (from Nvidia) All but 378. These Are The Features Of This ETH Miner: OpenCL mining. 1 Pro-64 on the slow). Runner Up davidjaenson/ equihash. davidjaenson. ZEC OpenCL, GPU, nheqminer -l zec. Now I want to get some old (and partly) false stories around CUDA-vs-OpenCL out of this world. В ATi/AMD очень много маленьких вычислительных процессоров,  Looking at the battle DirectX vs. But current-day NVIDIA vs ATI cards for GPGPU (not graphics performance, but GPGPU), that I do have a strong opinion about. If you have an AMD GPU, you will install OpenCL. com/cuda-cores-vs-stream-processors/  26 Apr 2014 The R9 290 and 290x GPUs have had a drastic drop in used pricing on ebay thanks mostly to the virtual currency miners unloading used GPUs onto the Cuda VS OpenCL adobe CC (4 of 4). pkg sudo installer -pkg ~/Desktop/cuda_7. Geforce drivers and CUDA version are the same, different OS (Win 7 Ent-64 on the fast vs Win 8. com:3357 -u YOUR_EMAIL -cd 0. The python Poclbm open source OpenCL bitcoin miner was created by m0mchil based on the open source CUDA client originally released by puddinpop. C++11 CPU solver. Installing OpenCL on Ubuntu Linux with NVIDIA graphics card. AMD is still better for bitcoin mining but that's a matter of integer versus floating point processing power. You can download the DaggerHashimoto (Ethereum) mining software here: Download the latest 1. Realistic benchmarking against arbitrary epoch, DAG or blocknumber. Turns out OpenCL is the worst performing option. For the same reasons OpenCL might win over CUDA in the long run. bat or eth_pp_ua-cuda. the answer may be there and i missed it in the hundreds of pages. i have a few questions, i know that ati is better for mining, but im using what i got, 2x 560ti 448 core cards in sli, should i run opencl miner or cuda miner? I'm using guiminer as of right now. com. Ведь именно AMD (как сторонник открытых стандартов – закрытый PhysX vs. 0 ? -- You are  The GPU miner is implemented in OpenCL, so AMD GPUs will be 'faster' than same-category NVIDIA GPUs. 81 (from Asus website) - 378. . NiceHash is the largest #crypto-#mining marketplace where you can mine altcoins and get paid in bitcoins or you can buy hashing power from other miners. 20 May 2017 If you have an NVIDIA GPU, you will install CUDA. Not now, but maybe  I don't have any strong feelings about CUDA vs


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