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Learn More. NOTE: 1. Machine Readable Visa Application Form. bd. . forms-file a{text-decoration:underline} . জেলার------------------------------------------------------- শাখায় টাকা জমা দেওয়ার চালান. Name ,Designation and department of endorsement Officer. কোড নং. †bvU t 1| mswk−у `Я‡ii mwnZ †hvMv‡hvM Kwiqv mwVK †KvW b¤^i Rvwbqv jB‡eb|. ext-link{color:blue!important}$(function () { var url =Chalan Form (Sonali bank limited) Chalan Form (Sonali bank limited) Chalan Form (Sonali bank limited). • This Form Should Be Filled Up In Cheque/ Bank Transfer/ Chalan/ Scroll No: 23. 3q Kwc evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii B-wmwU‡Rb mvwf©m Gwc−‡Kkb †_‡K gyw`ªZ. Form (Probashi Kollyan Bank); ২২ Chalan form(Motijheel office) Editable; ২৩ Loan Form for immigrant People (Expatriate Welfare Bank); ২৪ Chalan Form Editable; ২৫ Chalan Form Editable; ২৬ Janata bank account openning form Editable; ২৭ Expatriate Welfare Bank account card; ২৮ Bangladesh Bank enquiry form-2 Editable  Forms · Notifications · Fees · Citizen Charter; What is New? Draft Work Manual; Annual Report · Contact Us · RTI · Annual Performance Agreement · Annual Innovation Work Plan · Photo Gallery · Video Gallery. QUICK LINKS National Web Portal President's Office Prime Minister's Office Cabinet Division BD Karmachari D. P Form-4(Free of cost). Share. Chalan Form Editable Single Chalan form. 2q Kwc. R Challan/Economic Codes · TR-6 Form (Treasury Challan) · Stamp Duty · Co-efficient · Bond Jurisdiction · Organogram (TO&E) · C&F License · Useful links · New Bond Licenses : Form and Documents. pdf . Finance ACT 2011, Draft Direct Tax Act 2011 , English Return Form , English Return Form , Bangla Return Form , Bangla Return Form , Appeal From ,Originally created to serve the interests of the colonial authority of the far past, Bangladesh Police, now imbued with the spirit of freedom and independence, has come through a paradigm shift and become the symbol of rule of law. (Taka/ US$). Shopping. Application for the Rant of Compensation by the Claims Tribunal. বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংক/ সোনালী ব্যাংক লিমিটেডেরর. ext-link{color:blue!important}$(function () { var url. 1g (gj) Kwc. Treasury Bill/Bond Auction Form. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. জমা প্রদানকারী কর্তৃক পূরণ করিতে হইবে টাকার অংক সরকারী চালান ফরম( সোনালী ব্যাংক) সরকারী চালান ফরম( Sonali Bank) . 2 * Endorsement is applicable for those cases only where it is necessary by an Officer. 6 KB]. I. As silt builds up in the beel, its size is being reduced. More videos. ext-link{color:b. Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. SRO regarding Bond License · Documents for Different Activities · Overview of Bond Licenses · T. pdf. The dawn of this new journey was our great war of liberation when, in response to the clarion The Office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) was setup by an Office Memorandum of the Finance Division (FD) in 1985. 2| *†h mKj †¶‡О Kg©KZ©v KZ…©K c„ф vsKb cЦ‡qvRb, †m mKj †¶‡О cЦ‡hvR¨ nB‡e|. Forty-seven rivers and other waterways flow into the Chalan Beel. Chalan Beel (Bengali: চলনবিল) is a wetland in Bangladesh. 5 KB], word [36 KB]. Challan Form (Motijheel Office), pdf [24. It is a large inland depression, marshy in character, with rich flora and fauna. Department of Immigration & Passports. Amount deposited. forms. 5 KB], word [48 KB] টি, আর ফরম নং ৬ (এস, আর ৩৭ দ্রষ্টব্য) ১ম (মুল) কপি ২য় কপি ৩য় কপি. Foreign Exchange Declaration Forms, pdf [111. (FORM C. 24. Challan Form (Rangpur Office), pdf [25. D D / M M / YYYY. চালান নং---------------------------------------------------তারিখঃ ------------------------------------. Information Library. Creation of the Forms for Fitness · Application form for Vehicle Fitness · Application for duplicate Registration of Certificate / Endorsement / Fitness certificate. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Manager. Tap to unmute. Date: Name of Division and. Full screen is unavailable. gov. Prizebond Claim Form, pdf [31 KB], word [48 KB]. Please ensure the exact Code by contacting with the respective Department, if necessary. Repo/Reverse Repo Auction Form. Date: / /. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Info. A ) · Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn WhatsApp blogger_post StumbleUpon Pinterest Yahoo Beautiful Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank /Sonali Bank. ext-link{color:blue!important}$(function () { var url =চালান ফরম Single Chalan form. T. Download site: http://www. Previously known as the office of the Accountant General - AG (Civil), Bangladesh, this office traces its origin back to 1947 when it was named as Office of the Accountant General