The Fault & Normal light doesn't blink at all and getting nothing on the miner status tab. 1 Setting Up the Pool. Setting Up the Miner. I turn on the s9, the red led light on the chain # 6. Administering Your Miner. Guess I'll switch Jan 7, 2017 Every once in a while a hashboard for an Antminer S9 will go bad. The green LED will flash when mining, and the red LED will remain on while in an error or overheat state. 1 AntMiner S9 Components. Solution: test the cable and the setting of the internet (DHCP Model is Reason: The miner tried to connect network frequently, which lead to program error in hash board. Facts: The beeping/red light indicates that the machine has stopped hashing. Before sending the board back for repair I'll reboot it just to make sure that as soon as the machine boots up the hash board goes bad. Monitoring Your Miner. 6. Connecting the Power Supply. 9. Follow us on Page 3/50 of the latest stuff for sale in Colchester, Essex on Gumtree. 1. are cooled by two loud, powerful 120mm fans. 3. The most common reason is an interruption in the internet connection. Dogiecoin - Bitmain Antminer S9 Setup Guide. Configuring the Miner. The S9 is standalone does not require an external controller, but does not come with a power supply. It seem to having issues. Reason:the Miner is not connected with the internet. - No, there is no Jun 1, 2016 1. . org - The Badlist - The ongoing list of the Badsites since launch . 4. Who is McAfee – The Official Blog of John McAfee Here is the best mining rig that every miner should have in this days, at least this is what i will do 🙂 I have selected the BEST GPUs to mine that have a good Badbitcoin. 2 Specifications. Green light does not shine. Give Thumbs Up. EDIT2: The miner is running off of an EVGA 1600 G2. When I rebooted the machine via the GUI, it started mining and everything appeared to look good. 5. When I logged into the GUI I saw this error: Dec 20, 2017 A new batch of Antminer S9, the specialized Bitcoin mining machines by Bitmain, is available for sale at the Chinese manufacturer's website. Nov 3, 2017 If your antminer wont connect to internet or it is beeping, here I teach you what to do to fix that problem Do you want to buy a course? Exams, videos, notes Possible problems for Antminer-Troubleshooting for S7&S9&L3+ support. I look on the display and it has all XXXX's on it. com/hc/en-us/articles/220872007-Possible-problems-for-Antminer-Troubleshooting-for-S7-S9-L3-Red light flashing. 14. Now the machine is working fine with the Got an Antminer S9 here. I have two boards that have been troubling me for months. The world's largest ASIC miner producer announced that it would release a new batch of » REV3 Cooled – All Aluminium 12. See used items for sale from clothes, electricals, furniture to tickets and more. I changed the mining pool and the miner restarted, and then started rebooting on it's own. 11. Antminer S7: Red light of death and beeping mode. 13. 1 Checking Your Firmware Sep 17, 2017 This morning when I woke up I found my Antminer L3+ running at idle. I can try switching it out with another PSU. Subscribe for more Updates. I removed that faulty board, and I sent it to Bitmain for repair. bitmain. EDIT3: It Does show the yellow internet blinking light, but no green (or red fault ) lights. 2 Modifying the Frequency. But the real news is that Bitmain will accept only Bitcoin Cash for payment. 7. But that still doesn't explain why it won't reset. 2. 1 GPU Open Air Mining Case W/ 12 USB Risers + (2) 1200w PSU KIt – ETH, ZEC, XMR, DASH | Solution for Software like PVElite, CADWORX, Caesar, SmartPlant Softwares and all other Integraph products. 12. No chance of any power surge going into any of the miners


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