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Strava share activity

png 02_tag_iOS_inviter_imessage_invite. How to share a Strava activity by tagging a friend: On the Strava app, you can invite a friend who was with you but didn't record theirJun 16, 2016 A new way to share your Strava activities! Where can I share my photo? How do I use this feature? FAQs Leave us Feedback WhereOct 27, 2017 Open the activity you would like to tag your friend in. In other words, all future activities will Want to share your Strava activity from your personal website or blog? Follow the steps below to create a Widget that you can embedOct 23, 2017 Hey! Anybody know how to share a run/ride on facebook - but not on my personal page but on a page i manage ? I don´t want to shareSharing a Ride or Run: You can share your own activities either from the feed or from the individual activity page. View your results on the NYRR Race Results page and Strava Leaderboard. Measure your performance. So my experiences relate to this type of usage . Keep in mind that this toggle will turn on automatic sharing. Note that you can Jan 27, 2013 I also think it's wrong to share your data generated on your device with someone else even if they are riding next to you. Strava allows you to upload activity data from Strava is big with cyclists. 10. " You can share activities to Facebook by flipping ON the Facebook toggle for any activities you wish to share. Kona 2017 Activity Count Uploads: For my part I use the Strava website, the iOS App on iPhone and the Apple Watch as a remote and heart rate monitor. They aren't going to be riding next to you exactly and what if there's ancillary data like heart rate or cadence, theirs isn't going to match yours. Strava syncs with most devices - your phone, GPS watch or head unit, heart rate monitor or power meter - and records just about any Strava Labs is where Strava engineering occasionally releases side projects independent of our product and share our processes and stories. 01_tag_iOS_inviter_activity-detail_solo. PNG May 24, 2016 Show your coach, training partners or friends a summary of your activities. And on web: 9. If you haveDec 13, 2017 Directly after uploading an activity, you will see the activity edit page before clicking "Save & View. ) Select the application you would like to use to send your share invitation. It wants to be big with everyone else, too. I rode in a fast group once where I got about Designed by athletes, for athletes, Strava’s mobile app and website connect millions of runners and cyclists through the sports they love. If you wish, share your accomplishments using the hashtag # Otherwise, on with the show! The Data: Right… with that out of the way, hopefully this is what you’re here for. Projects may be added This annual summary tool pulls your activity data from Strava using Strava's API, and creates a detailed set of reports, broken down by year, activity type, location VeloViewer provides fantastic interactive lists, maps, charts, graphs and 3d profiles for your full STRAVA history including all the segments you've ever covered with Data Capture Device Compatibility. Both Strava and MapMyRide have apps for iPhone and Android (which you’d expect). From the activity details page, you can select the Add Friend button (highlighted below. From the Feed page, simply click the "Share" button and then pick the way you want to share from the popup menu (Facebook, Twitter, etc…). You can change this setting at any time