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P28 basemap chip

JEAN-PHILIPPE GIRARD 1,424 views · 0:24. Nthefastlane 417,780 views · 11:07. Not familiar with what a chipped ecu is or any of these terms?: Click here to view our technical FAQ/Article on ecu tuning. Shop with confidence. Use this option if you ONLY want a basemap and chip and not necessarily the components used to chip your own ECU. Find great deals on eBay for P28 Chip in Performance Chips. It didn't matter if I bought all the fancy JDM engine parts or all the high performance cams, pistons, Feb 7, 2011 0:24 · How To Chip A Honda Civic ECU 92-95 5spd "THE EASY WAY" - Duration: 11:07. This package is for those who would like to install our chipped P28 ECU with a custom Find great deals on eBay for p28 ecu chip and p28 ecu chip kit. From D16's, Mini me swap, D16z6 turbo, B18B turbo, B16A All Motor, B18C1, B18c5, LS Vtec, B20B, and now i have a K24. 98 Honda OBD1 ECU (P28 Equivalent for VTEC) Professionally chipped and tested in-car before being shipped; Comes chipped with a ZIF socket, datalogging header and a custom basemap burned to a reburnable SST chip. uk/socketed-and-chipped-obd1-p28-vtec-ecu1I heard a chipped P28 is the most commonly one used, but I'm not sure on 2 things: 1) Would disabling the knock sensor harm the engine? 2) Can I install this ECU with a base map and take it to a garage to get it tuned? If so, do I need an additional chip such as Hondata or Neptune, or can they tune this ecu directly?HA Motorsports socketed P28 ECU with custom programmed basemap chip package. Ecu chipkit Choose this product if you want a custom basemap created and burned to to a chip. USDM Non-Vtec: P75, PR4, P05, P06. 95 Civic Turbo D16 - Duration: 3:44. USDM Vtec: P28, P72, P61 JDM Vtec: p30, p72, p08, p27, pr3, p91. Phearable. If you are ordering a socketed OBD1 ECU from us at the same time as ordering a basemap, we will install this basemap chip Ecus supported by obd1 eprom basemaps: 92-95 Honda/Acura OBD1 ECUs only. For use with these tuning systems only: Crome / Crome Pro / Crome Dealer Neptune Chip version; Professionally socketed for long-term trouble free operation. H-Tune Refurbished & Socketed P28 ECU - OBD1 VTEC (OBD1 h-tune. net Custom OBD1 28 Pin Eprom Chip Basemap. EFI TRAINED / OVER 500 SOLD / DONT RISK YOUR MOTOR. No chip is included with this ECU. 95. 417 watching; |; 800 sold. co. Loading How To Chip A Honda Civic ECU 92-95 5spd "THE EASY WAY Civic EX 99 D16y8 0-180kmh Chipped P28, . All created from quality, hand selected ECU's that we've selected to Chipped OBD1 VTEC ECU [P28-Equiv]. $24. Meaty97 502,397 views · 3:44 · D16y8 VTEC crossover at 4800 to 7400 tuned p28 - Duration: 0:24. 5 reviews Write a review I already knew the p28 was weak install for my motor but this chip is extraordinary!! Honda ECU Chip Kit + Custom Basemap P06 P05 P28 P30 P72 P75 | Automotive, Parts & Accessories, Car & Truck Parts | eBay! can anyone on here chip and add a base map on my p28. i have a basemap on my pc that i think is good enough, if you are willing to and can chip and Basemaps, Basemap Chips, Basemap Files Stock Motor Basemap Chip: This is a basemap for a STOCK motor. Our custom programmed basemap chips are the solution to getting your vehicle up and running on a socketed/chipped ECU if your engine is either heavily modified or is a mix-match of components. Find great The chip I can provide in the ECU is a basemap, Comes chipped with a ZIF socket, datalogging header and a custom basemap burned to a reburnable SST chip. Free Shipping. 00 points Currently valued at $3. Buy It Now. Points Credit : 199. The selections available are limited, please select Feb 06, 2011 ยท P28 d16y8 base map PopPops Garage. Throughout the years ( over 12 years now that i think about it) i have gone through over 18 cars (17 Honda/Acura's and only 1 toyota AE86). If you are looking for a socketed ECU with a programmed chip, you may want to look at our Chipped P28 ECU with custom basemap chip package. I have been in the Honda game for quite some time. | eBay!CIVIC INTEGRA PERFORMANCE CHIP BASE MAP SPOON MUGEN P28 P72 P30 GSR B16a ECU. Nov 18, 2014 Performance - Chipped P06, P28 OBD1 ECU's, Custom Basemap Chips! | HA Motorsports - Looking for a QUALITY socketed OBD1 ECU for your engine setup? We have the socketed/chipped ECU configuration you've been looking for. Options Info: - Choose 'Actual P28' if you must have an ECU that was originally a P28 ECU, all others will be a converted VTEC ECU (they run the same) - Choose 'Hondata S300' if you have an S300 unit or are purchasing one from us