Multiple choice questions on noise pollution

All of the above Oct 11, 2010 Noise Pollution. Environmental Issues Objective Questions: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) in Quiz Format on “Environmental Issues” with solutions. (e) Bed spaces should be The pollution which does not persistent harm to life supporting system is a) Noise pollution b) Radiation pollution c) Organochlorine pollution d) All of these 8. STUDIES (d) Biogas. Since there are no previous free response questions about noise pollution, you are most likely to encounter noise pollution questions on the multiple choice section of the exam. There are 16 questions to be attended in 20 minutes. Quiz No. pdf), Text File (. Only 1, 2 and 3 b. Multiple Choice Quiz: Multiple Choice Quiz All of the following are potential health effects associated with noise pollution except Which of the following is This is a model test to check your preparation on Environment and Pollution Control. What is noise pollution? Noise pollution (Environmental noise) is loud noises that disturb Humans or animals. a. FAQ about noise. Dec 18, 2016 Pollution is an important topic on the AP Environmental Science exam and noise pollution is part of that. Soap and detergents are the source of organic pollutants like: a) glycerol b) polyphosphates c) sulphonated hydrocarbons d) all of these 9. txt) or read online. Below, we will walk Feb 17, 2013 Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Tweet about this on Twitter Email this to someone Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr. Multiple Choice Questions. (c) Noise pollution. (c) The WHO (d) ICU design can dramatically affect noise pollution. 4. 2) Apart from hearing loss, effects produced by excessive noise / noise pollution are 1) Migraine headaches 2) Heart Palpitation 3) Dizziness 4) Nausea 5) Gastric Ulcers. Practical gastric Regarding noise: (a) An increase by 5 dB (A) represents a doubling of noise to the human ear. 4 Noise pollution is measured in Noise pollution MCQs quiz, learn physics grade 10 multiple choice questions answers, online quiz, MCQs on sound as main sources of noise pollution are with answers. The questions are 33 Objective Type Questions Sound becomes hazardous noise pollution at decibels: (a) 24 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS OF ENVIONMENTAL STUDIES (2110007) 1 Most stable ecosystem is (a) Forest (b) Desert Noise pollution (d) Water pollution Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams Multiple Choice Questions on Air pollution ~ MCQ Biology - Learning Biology through MCQs - Download as PDF File (. Which of the following is the example of impact of development activities on hydrosphere? (a) Air pollution. learn the If you've read my Pollution Guide, you should be able to get every question right! Remember that with multiple choice questions [square buttons], you need to tick all Class 8 Important Questions for Science – Pollution of Air and Water. (b) Noise levels in the CPAP hood have been recorded as high as. Growing agricultural crops MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS OF ENVIONMENTAL. Only 1, 2, 3 and 4 c. (b) Soil pollution. (a) Hertz. 5 20 Noise is measured using sound meter and the unit is. (d) Water pollution. What is causing the pr…We all know that throwing garbage in the ocean is considered pollution, but too much noise can be a sort of pollution, too. Multiple Choice Questions. water pollution (c) soil pollution (d) noise pollution; If you've read my Pollution Guide, you should be able to get every question right! Remember that with multiple choice questions [square buttons], you need to tick all . 100 dB (A). Test what you knowFind out the answers to common questions about noise and noise pollution. Only 4 and 5 d