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Post by decaturguy ยป Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:25 pm. I use an Adblock browser on my iPad and kissasian hasn't noticed yet. php?threads/kissasian-new-servers-lagging-and-bad-ads. I do not understand why you change your server. com/index. The following Saka no Ue no Kumo Episode 13 English SUB has been released. com, without you losing any KPoints or blocking the adverts completely, it simply clicks on the 'Hide' button automatically instead of doing it manually on every page. com/Drama/Master-Devil-Do-Not-Kiss-Me/Episode-1?id=32927. 378Jun 4, 2017 I do not want my computer infected with these ads, that is also the reason why I have premium, but I am still getting these bad ads. Find out how. The Kissasian server was stable and 10 times better than these new servers. Both new servers are lagging, but the overload is Jan 5, 2017 Updated. with the filters above nothing happens NO video NO anti ad-block image. I haven't tested this on a laptop, but it may be a solution for those who hate their pop ups KissAnime KissCartoon KissAsian no-ads clean layout - clean up ads and prioritize vertical spacing, fork of slim headers by userscripts. if disabled anti ad-block image is displayed. ru, KissCartoon. com Anti ad-block is back. So they've added the ad block detector to kissasian, and I'm unable to disable it via any filter. se & KissAsian. org/user/swyter. I am not responsible for any loss of KPoints, but do sympathize with you (I have lost many as well). hey dudes, I use an ad blocker (and whitelist MDL) but I refuse to whitelist kissasian until they stop the nonsense malware, spyware and porn ads. boxasian. us Website: www. Code: Select all: http://kissasian. Mar 24, 2017 Re: Kissasian. us Watch HD Full Episode Goblin in Kissasian Box Asian Watch HD Full Episode Goblin,Suspicious Partner,My Secr KissAsian new servers lagging and bad ads. As a result, please Korean Dramas are shown all season throughout the year. Check out the simple ways to stop annoying popup ads and spam ads on KissAsian and enjoy a full movie without interruption. You probably didn't know there are tons of websites you can watch Kdrama for free. Anyone know the script one could manually add toWe've summarized best 3 methods to block ads on KissAsian. Author: hebiohime; Daily installs: 1; Total installs: 666; Ratings: 2 0 1; Created: 2015-12-14; Updated: 2017-12-16 May 18, 2017 Website: www. This is an Alpha release and may not work if kissAnime updates their ad detection. Jan 28, 2016 Blocks ads and prevents reduction of KPoints on KissAnime, KissManga, KissCartoon, and KissAsia. This script auto hides video page ads on the websites KissAnime. | KissCommunity forum. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us . kissanime