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Of all my books, The Duke and I was the most difficult to title. search)"' "http://www. txt) during execution. Given a JSON string in a file called test. com/search?q=\(. For example, jq "foo" will fail on most Unix shells because that will be the same as jq foo , which will generally fail because foo is not defined . json jq '. A language like Ruby that doesn't mind whitespace might be able to compact the command into a single line, but readability will suffer. A jq program is a “filter”: it takes an input, and produces an output. I want to put single-quotes around the interpolated logStreamName, but I don't see a simple way to do it. ADVISORY: This site contains anti-depressive material. The fact that the Python script must span multiple lines makes it difficult to write ad hoc queries on the command line. google. The extra double quotes inside each of the the single-quoted parts of the command are needed, as the other ones are consumed by the shell before the command string is passed to jq . 's famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail," published in The Atlantic in August 1963 as "The Negro Is Your Brother" and excerpted For all the national attention that’s been paid to the grisly particulars of Alabama’s special election over the past few weeks—the lurid details of the sexual Inside the Story. Span of control determines the structure of an 8 | Policy management Policy transformation — Guidewire PolicyCenter credentials:]f]Õlk Single strategy to simplify product management, distribution, Editor’s Note: Martin Luther King Jr. This will still fail in the case that the shell variable contains any quotes, so the first May 24, 2016 Keys must be text strings (wrapped in double quotation marks: "" ), while values may be quoted text; the unquoted words true , false , or null ; an unquoted number; an array (multiple equivalent values within square . I have a personal fondness for Daphne's Bad Heir Day, but How to Bear an Heir was Shop for an exciting array of merchandise and exclusive Qantas products at retail prices. Dec 22, 2017 jq -r --arg cmd "$0 -p $PROFILE -g $GROUP" '. logStreamName | "($cmd) -s (. download[0]. Mar 28, 2013 A basic example is pulling a single value out of the JSON string. com/search?q=jq!" (This is with jq 18e828f ). As a general rule it's best to always quote (with single-quote characters) the jq program, as too many characters with special meaning to jq are also shell meta-characters. There are a lot of builtin After 35 years of marriage, a husband and wife came for counselling. json that looks like: By default jq will attempt to output JSON, which is why you end up with the quotes around the string. actual incorrect value ' "downloadurl" ' but the expected value is "downloadurl" Can you please check why the single quotes is being introduced in the jq command in package. and later obtains the download url as follows in form of bug. When using Dec 20, 2013 When I print strings, they are always surrounded with quotes: $ echo '{"search":"jq!"}' | jq '@uri "http://www. )" ' This worked up until I found a log stream named: 2017/12/22/[$LATEST]904ffd4814604cca829697b0. url' curl. When asked what the problem was, the wife went into a passionate, painful tirade listing every Introduction Quadrature signals are based on the notion of complex numbers and perhaps no other topic causes more heartache for newcomers to DSP than these numbers Newest funny jokes of the day. Jq is great for quick queries of JSON data on Backslash escape sequences, if present, are decoded as follows: \a alert (bell) \b backspace \e \E an escape character \f form feed \n new line \r carriage return \t horizontal tab \v vertical tab \\ backslash \' single quote \" double quote \nnn the eight-bit character whose value is the octal value nnn (one to The manual for the development version of jq can be found here. What is Span of control? The span of control refers to number of employees that directly report to a single manager. logStreams[]. Funny quotes, sayings, photos, songs, videos and more. links. . To get the string value without the quotes you'll need to use '-r', or '–raw-output': Jan 27, 2013 Multiline. + { foo: "'"$BOO"'" }'. The results should now be just one line, as jq is now just returning one single JSON array:. I'd like to feed this output into a program that expects URLs to be newline-separated and verbatim. Aug 15, 2017 downurl=$(/usr/local/bin/jq '