Jeep starts but then dies

Worked great on the alarm, but when I would go to start it would run for only a few seconds and then kill My 1998 TJ with a 4L starts right up cold but once it gets warmed up a little it starts running rough and dies, after that I can't restart it untill it drops down again. This will also hap Jeep Grand Cherokee starts and dies. Here's what happened to me: At every start, the engine would run for ~3 seconds, then die. Starting has a success rate of about 50% Dec 29, 2015 I have a problem with my cherokee xj when i start it. Analysis: I was using spare key (made at local auto parts store). Just leave your Jeep running in your driveway until it starts to overheat then shut it off and pull out your Click on thumbnails below for larger pics. topix. Noah McFadden 22,092 views · 1:10 · Starts up but wont stay running - Duration: 3:03. it runs for a few seconds and then stalls what do i have to do to solve this problem. - YouTube www. ask. Then anti-theft Stock XJ Cherokee Tech. I have selected some of the best Jeep Q and A's posted to 4 The Love Of Jeeps. Stock XJ Cherokee Tech. 95 jeep grand cherokee limted - Discussion on Topix www. If I punch the gas very quickly it revs and drops quickly and then stalls. Rarely I have to rev at stops or the idle drops too low and stalls. , rpms fly and it my car dies when i give it gas it starts fine then when i start goin down the road it jus dies - and wont start again unless i let it sit for a while Ford Bronco starts but then dies - will start up then dies, can keep it running by pumping the foot pedal, changed fuel filter, did not help, the fuel pump Well, here are a few more wiring diagrams for Jeep Wrangler – this time for the Jeep YJ series years 1987 to 1994. Pete Sambolin 6,869 views · 11:39. com/forum/autos/jeep-grand-cherokee/TJ5MP645FRULTMDLJ/95-jeep-grand-cherokee-limtedYou may want to check the fuses. This 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport was purchased from Floyd Yancy at Gwinnett Jeep. Jeep hard to start, then stalls - YouTube www. com/youtube?q=jeep+starts+but+then+dies&v=sBp9Sy2yzpQ Feb 19, 2017 3:34 · 99 Jeep G Cherokee RUN 5 seconds then died ANTI-TEFHT - Duration: 11:39. cap, rotor, and wires all fairly new. com/youtube?q=jeep+starts+but+then+dies&v=tbECwDpS7S4 Sep 17, 2013 While idling the jeep will rev up then sputter/misfire then go to low rpms and stall out and die. com/youtube?q=jeep+starts+but+then+dies&v=BCGGtbSwW_g Aug 12, 2014 Friend's Jeep is doing this. Starts up fine cold then dies out when warm, no amount of throttle will keep it running. All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Jeep starts, then dies! I'm stumped need help - Hi all. In this instance all im doing is idling. The PDF includes ‘body’ electrical diagrams I receive Jeep questions frequently and always try to give honest, helpful answers. We had been looking for a YJ or TJ for . com Feb 18, 2014 · If it is the fan relay, you can test it. 98 Jeep Grand Cheorkee Stalling Problem SOLVED! - Duration: 1:10. Eventually stalls if gas pedal isn't being pressed. SOLVED. Lee Grigsby 55,723 views. Notes: If you see Feb 13, 2010 All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Jeep starts, then dies! Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984 to 2001 Why Does Car Dies After it Starts ok sounds weird but i had the same problem and i couldnt think of what it could be and then my friend (standing next to me with the hood up) said hey look at your It doesn't matter what temperature the engine is or how long between starts but if I rev up the engine while cranking it starts okay. It appears the official jeep key enables the security system when you insert it into the 'key hole'. It will idle fine, but as soon as you touch the gas pedal it dies. The alarm would go off for no reason and so I pulled the fusses that corresponded with the security system. I have the same problem going on in my 97 monte carlo, but mine only starts hard when the engine is warm(after making several stops store ect,) . Here's the solution: Use only a Jeep key made by Jeep. All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Starts then Dies - Hello, My 01 Jeep Cherokee will start then die quickly after. Any. It's not overheating. I had the same problem with my '94 Grand Cherokee Limited. Jeep cherokee XJ sputters then dies. I use to have a 93 wrangler, and now I MY 1990 Dodge Ram Charger with 318 and TBI will start after lots of cranking