Imei sv unknown

She also tried factory resetting a few times with no positive outcome. I have had complete dead Mi3 without any reaction for charger etc. Closer examination showed complete absence of IMEI number and Baseband version. But it doesn't… g935f imei unknow imei sv unknow [Solved] Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2. ,Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum. I keep it in Airplane Mode all the time to conserve batter… I received my new Redmi 3S yesterday. IMEI Unknown It's now showing IMEI 0, IMEI SV 62 and Baseband M8974A-2. Jul 29, 2014 My galaxy S4 imei number unknown , imei sv unknown , baseband version unknown and the sim card cannot detect , how to fix this problem , someone can help me ??? Try posting in the right section for help. stackexchange. It can send and receive SMS, internet is working, it identifies the SIM, the carrier and the number. Is this a problem? I have hard time to connect my Mi Band 2. hi so both my IMEI and baseband became unknown after I updated and I have no backup unfortunately. IMEI SV is an unknown and network signal disappeared. But IMEI SV (Slot 2) value is 01. IMEI / IMEI SV: Unknown Hi, Overnight my phone's IMEI, IMEI SV, Phone Number and IMSI have vanished from the phone. Settings/About/Phone Identity shows these as Unknown or Unavailable. 50. Tried various resets up to re-flashing stock ROM and unrooting but no improvement. 5 ICS, and have no service on the phone. why in my z3t unknown imei, and i can't found imei number for any option Hi,All Phone have two IMEI, And it shows Two IMEI, No Need to worry. I'm no expert but that doesn't look good. I have tried several tutorial videos, such as: "How to I flashed some roms and after that my inei is unknown and imei sv too, can anybody help with this coz i havent made an imei backup because this have never o I have "IMEI SV (Slot1) Unknown". 2 unknown Security patch level . Looking at the imei parameters I noticed that the imei sv (slot 1) is: "unknown", slot 2 nano sim After 20 days my mobile network has not receive any signal and then i restart phone but 4 circels or boot animation has stuck. 30. Also you must install the correct firmware on an unlocked phone otherwise you corrupt the EFS Jul 16, 2017 If the number change to 2 18 apr 2012 solved i thought imei sv was 16 digits long? Is this why phone still doesn't work after giffgaff barred unbarred a fact Nexus 5 IMEI number gone after updating to Lollipop - Android android. He came back with a xiaomi rom in Chinese. Recently, one of our loyal visitors had left a request pertaining to a problem which she was facing on your Samsung Galaxy S4: She states, ” My Samsung Galaxy S4 baseband version is Unknown. Hello MIUIers,I have big problem with my Xiaomi Mi3W. How to fix baseband version unknown galaxy s3. 2. 5. The worry is that the slot1 does not work, it recognizes the sim card but impossible to have network. It's all unknown. Imei & Baseband Unknown. after research in google i currently installed 4. All of this happened after updating to Lollipop using bootloader. 0. First off, I'm running Dark Knight 5. I've repaired it via tutorial from Un Invalid / unknown IMEI, IMEI SV, baseband after unbrick with testpoints method. But don't have problem with oth How to Fix Samsung Galaxy unknown baseband version. Jun 22, 2017 Hi, Following an update that bugged my redmi3s went for repair. com/questions/88728/nexus-5-imei-number-gone-after-updating-to-lollipopNetwork: Unknown; Mobile network type Unknown; Service State: Out of service; Mobile network state: Disconnected; My phone number: Unknown; IMEI: Unknown; IMEI SV: Unknown. 2 jeely bean official stock rombut same problem imei not found, imei sv not found and Baseband version says unknown. Nov 4, 2016 why in my z3t unknown imei, and i can't found imei number for any option