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If the temperature is correct for the type of steel that you are bluing the parts can be fully blued in 3 minutes or less. I carry a KelTec P32 (I'm taking it to a gun smith somewhere today, and came across your article) and I also carry a S&W AirLite PD . GUN BLUING SERVICE Specializing in Gun Rebluing and Restoration. 38 Special with the titanium Ruger’s new Guide Gun is a no-nonsense rifle built for serious—sometimes dangerous—hunting. 5 x4. Antique restoration and bluing services. From all I have heard, it's a GOOD gun. See our Links section for more information about this well-respected Ottawa Valley (Ontario) gun smithing business, which also operates a popular firearms auction web site. Parkerizing generally provides a more durable finish than bluing because it allows for better oil retention and therefore is more abrasion resistant. We specialize in bluing all types of guns to like-original condition. The markings on the barrels are European choke This smallbore autoloader shoots as good as it looks. The STEN (or Sten gun) was a family of British submachine guns chambered in 9×19mm and used extensively by British and Commonwealth forces throughout World War II NY Gun Dealer Directory- Firearms Dealer Directory - We offer Firearms, Guns, Handguns, Sporting Long Guns and a wide variety of tactical equipment. Experts in gun cleaning, refinishing and restoration to civilian, military and law enforcement clients. Thanks. Firearm Restoration & Manufacturing. . Fogle's Gunsmithing has over 40 years experience in gun bluing and restoration, starting in 1974. 5 x32 scope with see-tru mounts. This is a guest post by JJ Johnson (JJSERE1). one please assist us. We offer the highest quality hot black oxide finishes (often referred to as "hot dip" or "hot bluing"), with six standard grades of finish available. 22 Magnum rifle very nice remington 742 semi-auto in 308, all original finish in excellent condition. I have been want to buy a new auto for some time now but today I went to a local gun store and saw a Browning Citori, the White Lightning model , so far out of the A review from Shooting Times magazine of the Henry Octagon . The sidelocks are modern in design, with coil springs. Nothing wrong there. What equipment is required, sources for chemicals, specs. Wolf's Den Sporting Supplies Hunting Guns Ammo Ammunition Archery Bows Archery Lessons Compound Recurve 3d Archery Course Gunsmith Online Shopping Gift Certificates Gift Cards | Utopia Barrie Ontario Canada Hunting Archery and Gun Supplies Ammo | Ontario. Michael W. comOur services include: General Pistol Repair and Customization; Rifle Repair and Customization; Shotgun Repair and Customization. no rust or cracks. Check out our Ruger Guide Gun review. We offer our highly The black oxide process and gun bluing. In a previous video (Professional Gunsmith Series - Scotties Gun Works brings out the diamonds in the rough) Scotty showed us some  Danforth Gunsmithing www. comes with bushnell 1. Check out Skip Knowles' Weatherby SA-08 28-Gauge Deluxe review. danforthgunsmithing. Featuring Colt 1911 and 1886 Winchester manufactured reproductions . The bluing gun refinishing,metal finishing,wood refinishing,militaria,windsor,ontario,canada. May 14, 2013 I was stopping by our friendly neighborhood gunsmith just to say hello yesterday, and guess what I caught him doing? Bluing a batch of guns for some of his customers. [last name deleted for privacy by Editor] - Windsor, Ontario . JJ is a former USAF Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) Instructor and currently runs his own survival blog . We build customized & accurized hunting and target rifles, pistols, and field target or combat shotguns