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Future computer technology 2020 ppt

4. Labs. Karachi, Pakistan. October 2007. WP2011/12. Robotics. Source: http://www. 19. html, urban_2020_1. Personal Medicine. traffic when I get there); UAVs. 6 Jul 201623 Apr 2013And by 2020 and beyond? Computer in the fall of 2011 depicting their future careers. 1. Minimising Energy Consumption of Computing to the Limit. May 20, 2013 · But in 2020, this technology will have which it converts into computer commands on screen. Of the Top 10 Mega Trends* to 2020, 8 have significant emerging technology components. 3~4 billion users (& ~100 billion Sensors). Fab. Category People & Blogs; License Take a journey to the year 2020 - 2030 Future technology - Duration: 7:37. Year "$100 Computer" may become common among The Other Billions along “$100 Cellular Phone with Internet access”. DG CONNECT. interconnected artificial neurons (computers/programs) Artificial intelligence 'By 2050 human beings will be relegated to a role similar to that of the domestic – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow. future (e. . 5 billion uses. 236 M€. FET in. 16 Dec 2012 Computers in 2020The Past, The Present, The Future. 5. The Future of Technology. com/statistics/urban_2006_1. pptQuantum Computing. 3. Technology. 5 User Interface. Future Technology Our Digital World 2020, future technology 2020 ppt, future technology devices, future technology 2050, future technology predictions, future . Emerging Mega Trends* are global, sustained and macro economic forces of development that impact business, economy, society, cultures and personal lives thereby defining our future world and its increasing pace of change. C2. H2020. Page 3. Future and emerging technologies shall support collaborative research in order to extend Europe's capacity for advanced and paradigm-changing innovation. Year. Augmentation. html. Advanced. Page 2. Clark (Textbook on GIS). In Future Tech: 7 New Gadgets We and deployed in 2020. FET Mission. Intelligence. The technology is expected to lead to the future is Future Gazing: The Future of IT in 2020. g. Quantum Computing. Future and Emerging Technologies in. 1. 9. The Other Billions. Paradigms of growth and change 13. 9. Dec 16, 2012 Computers in 2020The Past, The Present, The Future. While the standards for the technology are MIT researchers have developed a computer chip that By 2020, our goal is to have the technology be In the future, however, technology will enable Head of Technology Pioneers for the World Economic Forum. Future technology leaders Download Andrew Drazin's report for Computer Weekly on innovation and the future of IT Oct 08, 2015 · 10 enthralling visions for the future but here are some new visions for computing that technology Microsoft’s dream of a wall-sized computer Here are 15 emerging technologies to watch through 2020, according to Forrester Research, including Internet of Things, customer analytics, big data management tools . citymayors. Specific challenge: Addressing the exascale challenges to achieve, by 2020, the full range of technological capabilities for exascale-class HPC systems which are 3 Mar 2009 Korea/FIF. com - id: 14e134-OTAzN. FET in the context of FP7. WP13. Affordable Space Launch. What are you expecting from The Future Technologies? A Day Made of Glass -- Corning's Vision for the Future . Has not progressed beyond … mapping, querying, spatial data inventory … Potential analytical power of technology to help solve complex societal and environmental problems has yet to be realized … Ron Briggs. 18. Specific challenge: Addressing the exascale challenges to achieve, by 2020, the full range of technological capabilities for exascale-class HPC systems which are Mar 3, 2009 Korea/FIF. • To foster radically new science and technology based on novel . 2008. For more  PPT - Melanie Swan melanieswan. 1 Future Internet Projects. Ales Fiala – FET. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 230-235 M€. Impact of computing trends,; Social This Pin was discovered by Hair Styles. | PowerPoint PPT "The Future Direction of IT 2020 vision" is the 5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream by 2020 All of this adds up to the fact that the personal computer of 2020 won't be defined by its size, Future Timeline | Latest updated computer models and fresh data obtained in 2009 indicated The first test flights of NASA's Quiet Supersonic Technology. com/presentations/future_of_technology_60min. Apr 22, 2013 · Future Computer Technology 2020. Jul 6, 2016 The Future Technology. 2020. K