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Furnace relay switch problem

htmlJan 2, 2018 Is your furnace not working? If your heater doesn't heat or works poorly, this DIY repair guide will help you troubleshoot and fix typical furnace problems. ask. Make sure that your furnace switch is “ON” the furnace blower compartment door is on and secure. com/youtube?q=furnace+relay+switch+problem&v=tnd_DjVF1AM Mar 20, 2014 This looks exactly like a furnace heater I am looking at but the problem is that the blower comes on as soon as power is put to furnace. If the fan still does not come on, the fan relay, furnace control board, thermostat, blower motor, or control transformer could be the problem. Guide to troubleshooting heating system furnace controls, limit controls, and fan controls. If you do not visually see a crack, then you could have a furnace control board problem or a limit, rollout switch problem. Common problems with furnace relay switches can involve faulty thermostat wiring, tripped circuit breakers, or unlit pilot lights. . Symptoms of a malfunctioning furnace may include rattling noises andDec 9, 2014 Troubleshooting procedure: 1. Move the lever on the thermostat to the “ON” position. hometips. com/repair-fix/furnace-problems. The fan blower should come on. Is the furnace fan running? problems then you can reset the breaker or replace the fuse. com/youtube?q=furnace+relay+switch+problem&v=Mk3wfvBr-KA May 24, 2010 REMEMBER: This video is intended for technicians and those going to school for hvac, leave testing and repair to the professionals! great video mikie, do you have any more videos on relays and how they are wired? cuz i got an old furnace with combination fan limit switch,relays and ignition control  Furnace Not Working | DIY Furnace Troubleshooting & Repairs www. the other day i had a blower not blowing on cool but on heat and fan it worked after changing fan relay 6pin n o and n c 24 volt coil the same thing happened i checked  HVAC Fixing an intermittant blower relay. If it doesn't then you probably have loose or burnt wires in behind the relay or you may Dec 4, 2014 If you hear a hissing gas sound with no gas ignition then more than likely either the ignitor is broken or the relay on the control board that sends power to the ignitor is broken. This article describes in detail the testing and diagnosis of problems If you have a mechanical thermostat, make sure that it is level and turn the fan switch to on. Nov 7, 2011 Talking about DC relays used in air handlers, an annoying oddity! REMEMBER: This video is intended for technicians and those going to school for hvac, leave HVAC Service Training- Troubleshooting The Blower Relay - YouTube www. Please Fan limit switch troubleshooting diagnosis & repair: Check this fan limit switch control if your furnace fan won't start (won't turn on) or won't stop (runs continuously). - YouTube www