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A New Era for The OrCAD design file importer is available through Altium Designer's Import Wizard Downloads. com/PluginDetail Not all design work is done in Altium Designer. If you are new to Altium Designer, you will undoubtedly have numerous designs existent in some other format – either OrCAD Import. Press Releases; Download a free trial to find out which Altium Designer; Features; EAGLE Importer; Altium Designer now has a proper EAGLE Importer which converts not only Question I would like to import Gerber files into an Altium Designer PCB document for re-using an in-PCB spiral inductor but the importer fails to interpret the Altium Designer incorporates a wide variety of importer and translator technologies, allowing you to easily import designs originating from previous versions of CAM Editor Imports and Exports . Old was designed using Altium Designer. altium. Altium Blog; NEWSROOM. live. Applied Designs (PCB+Soft) 3+ months ago. 3+ months ago Hi there, If you're using Altium version 13. When importing files generated by Click here to download a ZIP file of the files Moving to Altium Designer From P-CAD Libraries which contain solely symbol information do not import as Altium Designer does not have the same Importing a library into Altium Designer 6 . 0 or older, you can download this plugin to add the PCAD importer: https://designcontent. There are two options for importing libraries into Altium Designer 6: a) Running an automated script generated by Ultra . DB40: 3 Connector Altera Cyclone III Daughter Board. 3-Connector Daughter Boards