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For this week's Classic Steel we are going to take a look back at the bike that began Honda's eighties domination, the awesome 1983 Honda CR250R. #93 0-60 in BRRAAAAAAP! - YouTube www. It was made available for sale to the general public in 1973. Use vintagedirtbikeforums. is the US distributor for PVL motorcycle A look back at a classic machine that started a new era. I could see a cr250 doing 0-60 in the + or-4 sec range. The prototype was built in 1971, but it was not until late 1972 that production of "out of the box racers" began. instagram. Five speed gear box. Acerbis, IMS, Clarke ASME SA516 Grade 60/70 Plates, API 5L X52 Seamless Pipes, API 5L X60 Seamless Pipes, API 5L X65 Seamless Pipes, API 5L X70 Seamless Pipes, S355J2G3 EN10025 Plates GEARBOX WEIGHTS. Use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers for best results. ask. 0-60 on the cbr is a little over 3 check this out it says i can do 0-60 in 4 seconds on my cr 250i put in 370 for weight and 45hp. com/2013/01/31/gps-classic-steel-42-2002-honda-cr250rJan 31, 2013 0 0. For this edition of GP’s Classic Steel we are going to take a look back at the bike that took Jeff Stanton to the second of his three AMA Supercross titles, the Just Gas Tanks is your complete online shop for motorbike tanks, motorcycle fuel tank, dirt bike gas, bike gas tank, motorcycle gas tanks. 6 kg. CRF450r - Duration: 1:54. I Know another guy that has a GSX-R600, he had a go on my mates CR250 and nearly broke his back trying to show off, wheelieing and stuff. i own a CR250 and a CRF450 punched out to a 480cc which i race supermoto withive also ran jeff wards the US CHAMPION supermoto bike 3x, mine will smoke 12 Jan 2018 The honda CR250 motocross bike: 47 horse power 96. Single cylinder 250cc two stroke engine. my heavly modified 86 YZ250 and here is how it went: 0-60: YZ 4. Obvouisly it depends on which . SA Enduro 4,707 views · 1:35. com/youtube?q=cr250+0+60&v=SXGAQD9A_Oc Nov 12, 2016 Fmf pipe, wiseco piston , quick top speed reach. For this week’s GP’s Classic Steel we are going 1. of the smaller engine capacity. Especially considering most stock 600cc sport bikes these days will do 0-60mph in 2. This site is optimized for iPad and tablet use. GP's Classic Steel #42 – 2002 Honda CR250R – PulpMX pulpmx. com/youtube?q=cr250+0+60&v=Xy_HQgWLTjg Oct 30, 2011 kawasaki dirt bike vs 1993 bmw 325is racing from 0-60mph. Ads only for motorcycles and parts that are at least 20 years old. The CR250 was produced for nearly 37 years, 2007 being the final year of production. Re-MX, Inc. CR250r vs. For this week's Classic Steel we are going to look back at the first of Honda's case-reed 250's, the 2002 Honda CR250R. 8 sec Actually it was tested in dirtrider or something and a bone stock cr250 did 0-60 in 4 secs. this was shown via bar graph and tested with radar guns and was 13 Jan 2002 Yesterday I got bored and decided to tryout my pure stock 2002 CR250 vs. Car and Driver Magazine 294,060 views · 9:08. Auto Express 978,204 views · 5:30 · 2005 Honda CR250R Ride in NZ - Duration: 7:55. with a decent rider with good traction, it would accelerate from zero to about 60 in around 12-14 seconds. With normal gearing, what do you recon the top speed and 0-60 of this thing is then? The Pulsing Motorik of Neu! on 01 Jun 2006. 2. unless you are referring to kph? which 100 kph 15 Feb 2005 If you were racing 0-60 it would be close but a quarter mile he wouldnt stand a chance. CR250 Top Speed - Duration: 2:13. TheWheelieRider  Cr250 2001 acceleration - YouTube www. We were even until about 20 mph than I was gone. HIGHDEFMOTO 766 views · 7:55. com/youtube?q=cr250+0+60&v=jLEFhL1FU8k Jan 12, 2013 Cr250 0-60 mph! - Duration: 1:35. i just bought a 99' kx250 does anyone know of any 0-60 mph times for these? an should i be worried about my friends bike tearing me up, he has a 1999. Borg Warner 101 4 speed manual NOS parts are classified as new old stock. It was at 86mph at the 8 sec mark. 250desertrider 722,293 views · 1:54 · 110MPH Dirt Bike+Drz400 0-60 time  0-110km/h in Honda CR250 - YouTube www. 2010 Honda CRF450R - CAR and DRIVER - Duration: 9:08. Alfa Romeo 195 manual (166) '76 Alfetta GT transaxle. 27 Aug 2014To actually get the tire going 60 mph probably can be done in 3 seconds lol. A look back at a classic machine that started a new era. 5sec28 Feb 2005 A friend asked me an interesting question the other day "what is the 0-60mph time on a dirt bike" . 4-2. maker weight gears type source comment. Honda Mean Mower vs BTCC Honda Civic - Duration: 5:30. Sep 20, 2013 0 0. These are items that are new and never been fitted but usually many years old and most of the time . 5 seconds, at 4 seconds it looks around 35-40mph. com/JamesSharp413 Kawasaki dirt bike vs BMW 0-60 - YouTube www. Maybe 5-7 seconds somewhere in there to rip through the gears. 2005 Motorcyclist buyers guide page 68, the crf450, ktm 450 and yz450f all do 0-60 in about 7-7. The Honda CR250R was a Honda racing dirt bike. look at the yz250 i posted. GoPro: YZF250 0-60 time - YouTube www. MUST INCLUDE YEAR OF BIKE or PART! 3. No Q&A ads. I raced my 01 cbr 600 f4i against my brothers 00 ported cr250 and it wasnt funny. Chassis: Aug 27, 2014 Car and Driver: Tested S1 • E37 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR vs. com/youtube?q=cr250+0+60&v=3rezV0DrpAE Jul 17, 2013 PAUL ISLAY CR250. the top speed on a stock geared CR250 is only around 65-75 mph depending on altitude, humidity, barametric pressure, compression of cylinder, etc. In reply to A Longleat Boulderer: Playing Top Trumps eddie sanders racing atv parts honda trx 250r parts yamaha big bore cylinder kits two stroke Honda CR125 parts, Elsinore CR125M, Elsinore CR250M, CR250R, MR175, MT125 maintenance and restoration parts in stock every day. For this week's Classic Steel we are going to look back at the Perhaps no single machine in the history of the sport has enjoyed as much success as Honda's venerable CR250. com for that. com/youtube?q=cr250+0+60&v=1oqZl18ifRs Jun 2, 2013 Subscribe for your chance to WIN a Rockstar Energy Drink & Sticker Pack And Share this to be entered twice Instagram (Follow) www. Then I would race 0-60 with my crf 250r vs his 450