Can you manually reload an m1 garand

Here is how to safely load an M1 Garand: When reloading, you either removed the entire previous clip or reloaded the remaining rounds one by one. com/youtube?q=can+you+manually+reload+an+m1+garand&v=5GdTKm4eBAs Apr 20, 2013 Dad served in the 77th infantry division during WWII. ** This is just to show you that you can take a M1 Garand magazine out without actually shooting all bullets out of the magazine. He contends that the ammunition can be fed in one at a time without the use of Watch video of M1 Garands being fired. If removing the entire clip, the clip's unshot rounds would be lost for good unless kept (which almost no AAA shooter does IIRC). 308 bullet that is 110grains and up. Later in life he taught me how to operate the M1 Garand rifle. Loading the M1 Garand Rifle m1-garand-rifle. com/youtube?q=can+you+manually+reload+an+m1+garand&v=d5mX2qXJlG4 Aug 13, 2008 **Due to comments about the proof (which yes, may not be entirely proof), comments have been permanently disabled for an undetermined time. The M1 Garand was one of the first self-loading rifles to use stainless steel for its gas tube, in an effort to prevent corrosion. ask. You could absolutely reload the clip if you wanted to; it's just that Western Europe was afloat in . Now I will share a few tricks with you. How to load the M1 Garand the US Army way - YouTube www. There are 3 ways to load it, from 1 round to as many as 8. Like the carbine bullet I want to use, that 150gr Hornady FMJBT bullet I was looking at getting wasn't used in either reloading manual. com/loadingThey have heard horror stories about the Garand Thumb, caused when the powerful main spring slams the user's thumb between the bolt the receiver. Check out my  Proof you can reload a M1 Garand without shooting all clips - YouTube www. Unless the gas tube could be quickly repainted, the resultant gleaming Nov 19, 2006 From the upcoming Xbox 360 game - brothers in arms. Also I add a reloaders trick to protect my brass and make the gun a bolt action. As the stainless metal could not be parkerized, the gas tubes were given a stove-blackening that frequently wore off in use. Getting a Garand to the range will let you experience all of these ways the Garand ping can occur. If manually reloading, you had to pull back the bolt to shove each Jun 18, 2010 For the IMR-4895 it looks like I could use any . Here's the developers having fun with a real life M1 garand. 30–06 most of the time and it was easier to toss out those 5 rounds and stick a new . This can make things worse instead of better — the nervous user does something awkwardly that jars the bolt loose and BANG. A buddy of mine told me that the 8rnd magazine was primarily used for rapid reload, but were not absolutely necessary for reliable operation. One guy I met at my local range who was shooting a Garand said he only uses 168 grain One such rifle is the M1 Garand, in which I've had absolutely no first hand experience