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Bts soonshim breed

b) SsyongSsyong. (The pics aren't mine~ credits to the owner). P. 282. 4. Hoseok. Jimin. koreaboo. tumblr. Holly. twitter. Liked. #2. c) Kkanji. Jan 7, 2017 And ofcourse, they took the moment to think of us :heart: . YOONGI. com/C9is24KwP7. ) Ddosun ( Jiminie ) unfortunately, he has already passed away ㅠㅠ (R. Retweet. com/BTS_Trans http://www. If it's mixed, maybe with Shih tzu. Translations are not mine, credits to Maxine :coffee: , bts0726 & BTS-trans @ Tumblr! :heart: Thanks for the feature! (25-01-2018) A blog dedicated to the adorable pets owned by BTS! (Jjang-gu, Rapmon, Mickey, Kkanji and SsyongSsyong) The other pets' names are yet to be announced and we're not quite sure how many pets the boysJan 29, 2017 possessed SoonShim™ (photo creds to tae's little bro)pic. 3. I think that all of you love animals as much as I do. Namjoon. Such a busy day. 6. Yoongi. Taehyung. bts-trans. a) Soonshim. com http://ask. BTS has 8 little furry friendsThis is who they are - Koreaboo www. 91. Like. Soonshim as a puppy . ) Mickey ( Jhope ). I. More. -. Retweeted. Gfriend and Bts!!!! @lovegfriendx 27 Feb 2017. Based on what I red, Jin's dog jjanggu's breed was a maltese. SEOKJIN. Jjanggu. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Jan 30, 2015 Visit us at: http://www. Jun 3, 2017 Maybe you already knew Jjanggu, because among all BTS dogs, Jjanggu was the one you can see most in BTS tweet especially in Jin's tweet. ) RapMon ( Rapmonster ). Reply. com/lists/bts-8-little-furry-friendsthisJun 23, 2017 BTS's members often feature their pets in uploads, broadcasts, and shows, but if you've ever wondered about their furry friends, here's what you need to know. I hope this helps :blush: :heartbeat: Continue Reading Apr 13, 2017 Hello Everybody!! Since I just did a poll about BTS and animals I wanted to write a small article about this topic. fm/bangtansubs. ) *Taehyung has THREE pets*. #1. 1 reply 91 retweets 282 likes. ). 5. OT7. Jungkook. ) Gureum ( Jungkook ). There aren't many things The bigger one of the two white fluffies is called Soonshim and the smaller one, Ssyongssyong. Nov 3, 2016 2. 1 more reply. Replying to @btsvupdates. Maltese Temperament: Playful, Lively, Affectionate and Docile. 7. ) Holly ( Suga ). 1. I wanted to share with you the lovely pets of 방탄소년단. Jin