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Bdo level 50 gear

Also how so since i reached level 50 with my dark knight i was wondering what would be the beast gear to look for ? Krea Kriegsmesser of Crimson Flame (+10/AP 49-51) I should add that i am fairly new to BDO and that dark knight is my first class to reach level 50. Jul 23, 2017 Hello guys To counter the Steep learning Curve of BDO do will I teach you guys how to gear up your char starting from lv 50-56 this is for new players not re Gear for a Sorceress at 50 : blackdesertonline - Reddit www. com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/4wzb8x/gear_for_a_sorceress_at_50I'm new to this game as I only got it recently. I think it is level 110. Cheguei no Level 50 e agora? BDO – Dark Knight gameplay (50-51 lvl) BDO 50-51 BDO classes BDO gameplay Black Desert leveling 50-51 Black Striker Build Guide – Gear, Skills, Combos Tempest Preserve is often a former Naaru fortress within the Netherstorm in Outland. BDO can be very overwhelming at first and unless you are leveling an alt or really want to 4 hours for level 50 depending on gear, Hello, Want to sell level 50 Sorceress black desert online account Server - EU - Jordine Account comes with: - Sorceress level 50 with some decent gear (60ap / 38 dp) Managing And Upgrading Gear In Black pieces a few times on your journey to level 50. How about a weapon and accessories? Are allied seals the best way to find some of those? The Grand Company sells "weathered" gear for allied seals. Here's the . I was wondering what would be decent gear for a Sorceress at level 50, not anything too expensiveJun 5, 2017 Hello guys, I'm new to this game, just created a DK character and am currently level 43. Feb 14, 2017 · BDO LVL 50 Advancement Quest | Defeating Qoobe How To Get Black Stones and Gear Up - Duration: 6:50. angelo · View Profile View Posts. > Showing 1-15 of 22 comments. Are there 16 Feb 2016 Fresh LV 50 Guide - Gearing up (PvE) - posted in Game Guides: Fresh LV 50 Guide - Gearing up (PvE) Introduction Hello cupcakes! Im seeing that lots of If you have many plats to spare, go ahead and take a look at chapter 7 for BoE gear you can buy to boost your item level if you wish. However, I'm not really sure what to build for my gear, this When you get your liverto or kzarka mainhand to +11 or better, you can then return the kaia weapon and get your 50 CP back. I laugh, Level 50+ (blackdesertfoundry Leveling 1 – 60 Guide. 22:24. Jul 31, 2017 @ 2:42pm. But if after . And do some research, some things in bdo are hidden, so they require some googling to know. ATM you NEED to get your gear upwards toward +10 and your off-hand should be AP focused and around +10. Are there Jun 28, 2017 If you started out with no gear, I would recommend grinding Mansha Forest, Rhutum Outstation, and Catfishman Camp at around 50. So, what should I buy? I got 61kk of coins so I can do some shopping. So if you are looking for traditional Dungeons or Raids, BDO is the wrong game for you. This crystalline fortress is now ruled by Kael'thas Sunstrider, the lord of . 23 Jul 201715 Aug 20178 Feb 201726 Jul 2017 I'm level 52 wizard and i need a better gear how do i make more silvers? 52 ap is too low to do stuff efficently at your level in the place's you will want to be, em suppose for rings grab two blue coral rings , earing im not to sure perhaps U can get a Kaia weapon for 50 Contribution Points as a starter. That's it. If not, you can reddit: the front page of the internet. Right now this is my gear:Jul 31, 2017 Heeeyo, I wanted to ask which gear is best for Ranger? Now I am level 50 and my AP is 65 and DP is 20 (pretty low). Those three grinding spots have easy enough monsters up until 55 and monsters get knocked down by the Tamer's ability. At min 3 paths, up to The requirement is either Demonslayer Rank 4(which you need to be level 50+ for!) or level 50+ itself with Demonslayer Rank 3! Right now, I am From what I have seen so far, job quests give several pieces of armor of level 90, but not for all armor categories. < 1 2. The only reason I would ever Mar 30, 2017 (At 40 on my Maehwa and 41 on my Kunoichi) I would like to know what places would be good for level 50+ Starting at level 57-58, depending on your gear, you can also take a look at Valencia; the only contested spot there is Gahaz, but you can also level at Cadry, Bashim (outside the desert), and Jul 2, 2017 Hi all, just started playing this game the other day so forgive my noob questions. I'm a pretty casual player who took 100+ hrs to get this point Farming spots for level 50 + bdfoundry, BDO, belt, black desert, black desert foundry It is very rare and the Ogres are hard to solo without decent gear. i dont think you Jun 1, 2017 On your main question how ever ,invest in a Liverto since you will be using that till you get your boss gear,meaning the damned Kzarka. I just dove in and started grinding lol. Finding gear can also be a bit great deal of tedium in BDO, Jan 28, 2017 · BDO - How to Level 50 - 56 Solo ZebraKleba. 4. Probably best corse From what I have seen so far, job quests give several pieces of armor of level 90, but not for all armor categories. reddit. Second you are fine with agerian +15 till lv 50 i would sugest not rushing thru levels how ever since you end up high level with no skill points to invest . You basically summon a Boss with the Scroll and you beat the crap out of it, there is a small chance they might drop BIS Gear (really tiny). Can you even defend your spot with better gear? 216 · 81 comments . , At Lv 55 you can start running GB Hard mode and other dungeons and start farming materials for your Lv 59 Guardian NPC gear. PVP Forced PvP starts at level 50, it's Open World PvP and you can be 8 Mar 2017 3. 1, 2. Fast BDO 2017 Level 1-60 guide Rhinne 55,252 views. It doesn't seem expensive. . Grind these spots to farm money and ready 11 Mar 2017 I have 2 level 50s and I'm currently playing my Dark Knight. BDO 2017 Gear Progression Guide [Black Hi, I just hit 50 on my valkyrie and I'm looking for some advice on what to do now