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Autotrol 1550 tc troubleshooting

Where can I get manual for Autotrol 1550-tc autotrol corp water softner model 1550-TC Where can I get manual for Autotrol 1550-tc 8 REPLIES; Jul 31, 2014 · autotrol 1550 tc manual - Water Dispensing & Filtration question Please place Orders Online Email Questions support@softenerparts. watervalue. Filter Valve Series Rebuilding the Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) Valve Body: The expected life span of the Autotrol softener control valve is 20 - 30 years with a few minor repairs along the way. Tags: Autotrol, 440, 440i, 440iHV, Timer, Assembly, cycle, manual, by hand, time, step, regenerate, no power, motor, dead, broken, 1550TC, how long, each Brine Refill Problem - No water in salt tank - AutotrolAutotrol Valve Flow Rate Problem - Either Resin in Tank or Valve Discs not Opening Enough Last Updated: 10/05/2010. The salt tank is empty with no salt whatsoever. I just moved into a house with an Autotrol 1550 TC softener system. This was noticed over a few days Also See. Installing the Autotrol LOGIX 255-760 Meter Control Valve: • Using the included silicone lubricant packet, Water Softener 1550 Tc Manual ; Water Softener Model 1550 Tc ; Autotrol 1550 Tc Water Softener Manual ; Category: Water Softeners Tags: air hose reel, INSTALLATION & START-UP INSTRUCTIONS AUTOTROL LOGIX 255-760 METER • Next, place the Autotrol LOGIX 255-760 Meter Valve onto the top of the tank, Water Softeners & Filters has many Autotrol user manuals available for downloading. REBUILDING THE AUTOTROL 155 ( 1550-TC ) VALVE BODY. ask. Superior Design. org/topic/169161-1You'll need a manual http://www. Radwell also repairs AUTOTROL 1550-TC. com/youtube?q=autotrol+1550+tc+troubleshooting&v=z_1ap-5RUlM Jul 27, 2008 Operation of the 440 Timer Assembly used on many Autotrol Valves is explained. 960F Control. The Flapper Valve Discs in the valve body generally need replacement after 15 - 20 years. Below you will find the Autotrol water softener user manual for your water . Buy New or Surplus AUTOTROL 1550-TC ( TIMER ASSEMBLY AND HOUSING FOR WATER SOFTNER VALVE ) parts. You'll need to know the water conditions in order to set the softener. - Single synchronous electric motor provides all the power for the program clock 440 timer and the operation of the control. Rebuilding the Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) Valve Body. The expected life span of the Autotrol softener control valve is 20 - 30 years with a few minor repairs along the way. Other systems use from two to five electric motors and/or solenoid valves. - Electrical Mar 22, 2016 What information is needed to set up an Autotrol 155 Valve for residential application. Autotrol PerformaTM. However, if your system is on a chlorinated water source, the Nov 28, 2017 How to Regenerate your Autotrol 440 or 440i or 460TC when your timer assembly is broken. com/youtube?q=autotrol+1550+tc+troubleshooting&v=ATTvgfm0ivE Oct 25, 2016 What to look for and how to bypass an AutoTrol water softener and water filter. How to Bypass an AutoTrol Water Softener - YouTube www. Water Softener Control Model 1550 Tc Manual. com Technical Autotrol 1550-TC is just the way many Manual for Autotrol 155 ( 1550-TC ) I'm new to this so be easy on me. Water Conditioning Control System. That can be determined by knowing the height and diameter of the resin tank. Autotrol 440 Timer Operation Explained - YouTube www. Question: I have a Autotrol 155 which seems to have a low flow rate while in the service mode. 460TC Control. 940F Control. You'll need to know how much resin is in the resin tank. com/documentation/1550_owner_manual. Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. Make sure your water is safe, filtered, and tastes great! Contact us today! W Neglected Autotrol 1550TC Water Softener - Able2Know able2know. pdf. - Fewer parts than any control system of comparable function and most controls of lesser function. Correct 440i Control