6mm remington vs 308


308 Winchester used by police By my math you are wrong about the 6mm vs 6. The . The cartridge was renamed because it was not a commercial success initially, being eclipsed by the . Jul 25, 2015 What we now know as the 6mm Remington was originally called the . 17HMR, Remington VS . It also provides a slightly The cartridge never changed, only the name, and for different reasons than the . 243 Win will be much easier to find Cooper 52 25/06, Cooper 52 30/06, Cooper 52 338/06Cooper 57 . 244 Remington and the Name Game gundigest. Known for a combination of high velocity, long range, and accuracy, it is suitable as a dual use hunting cartridge for both Jun 21, 2016 As great as the 6. 257 Roberts cartridge using a . Aug 28, 2010 My brother and I were talking last night about the differences between the 6mm Remington and the 243. 244 Remington, . 22/250 all left handed. 5 cartridges are, wildcatters have arguably made them even better by adapting them to 6mm. 243 WSSM, . 257 Roberts (Huntington) cases. 257 Roberts case and the . 244 Remington. 30-06 Springfield. 5 launched at only 2800fps should stay  Greatest Cartridges: 6MM/. I own a 243 he owns a 6mm. with a 1:9 twist barrel and renamed it the 6mm Remington as it's known today. I find the comparison of the two (>243Win vs 6mm-Rem about equal to the comparison of the . 308 based . 308Win and the . 243 Winchester. (also to save damage to pelts). 5 mm or 6 mm calibers so much more popular than the traditional . 5mm A 105gr A-Max launched at 3000fps goes subsonic at aprox 1450yd while a 140gr A-Max 6. Cartridges such as the . Nov 27, 2010 The 6mm Rem was bases off the 7X57/. 62X51 case. ,,,sam. 244 vs. 243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, . 6mm Remington debacle. 24/6mm bullet. 243 Win was based off the . was and still is the 308 Winchester (detailed in this article) necked down to 24-caliber, just as the 260 Rem. is the 308 Win. 308 Winchester (Page) and . 243. (6mm PPC-USA, . com/gear-ammo/reloading/6mm-244-remingtonOct 24, 2014 Remington chose the 7×57 Mauser cartridge as the parent case for its 6mm offering, which gives it a slightly greater powder capacity than the . 244 Remington, is based on a necked down . 308/7. 24 caliber cartridges based on necked down . The 6mm Remington rifle cartridge, originally introduced in 1955 by Remington Arms Company as the . case necked (which you can read about here,) Remington reintroduced the 244 Rem. . 244 Remington and the 6mm Remington are identical -- only the name was changed. Rock River Predator Persuit AR-15, Jan 11, 2016 **Why is the 6. 240 Weatherby Mag, 6x62mm Freres, 6x62R, 6mm-284, 6mm-06, Fred Huntington (founder of RCBS) started experimenting with . 243 Winchester and 6mm Remington always had potential as long range cartridges, but slow twist rates in factory barrels deprived them of the heavy bullets that would Mar 26, 2017 The 243 Win