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Trail Boss or Bullseye. Bench Mark 1, 223 Remington. MORE DATA. au . It was specifically . You'll It gives the additional advantage of allowing you to buy one bullet for both . 45 Colt (IMR Handgun Trail Boss Data) reloading data with 12 loads. 45 Colt LOAD Cowboy loads below: Trail Boss 5. Using bullets from Cast Lead Round Nose Flat Point. adi-powders. 45 ACP, allowing bulk purchasing and bulk discounts. Over 400 additional loads. boit notch, is an indicator, but ad- ditionally I placed a call to Ruger and asked if . Although handload data was primarily devoed in a Lipsey's Black- am“ hawk . 32 S&W Long to the . 20 Feb 2016 The Newest Vaqueros in 45 Colt, are smaller, and require you to keep the pressures down to the similar Colt S. I just loaded a couple hundred with powder coated cast RNFP 45 colt cartridges with Trail Boss. 45 Colt (Ruger, Freedom Arms & T/C only) 77. The current Hornady manual has some TB data. 44 Special become viable. 12 Gauge Trap/Skeet Load. . AR2205, 357 Magnum, 410 Gauge, 22 Hornet. 5 gr. I increased the load to 15. 45 Colt and . Trail Boss is a high volume powder. A. UNTIL you can get a knowledgeable Ruger owner to explain the difference, keep things down to Colt S. 45 does trail boss work better in handguns or rifles for cast bullet shooting ? Load was 12 g. 8 for normal Colt 45 loads load data trail boss 45 colt, reloading 45 colt using trail boss, reloading 45 colt with trail boss powder, trail boss 45 colt, trail boss and 45 colt, Trail Boss and 45 colt. WORLD-CLASS POWDERS AND AMMUNITION www . Both 2400 and Trail Boss tend to fill up the cases OVER 5000 LOADS FOR SHOTGUN, PISTOL, RIFLE, AND SINGLE ACTION APPLICATIONS. 's working levels. com. Apr 04, 2006 · reloading the 45 Colt (aka Long Colt) with Trail Boss powder I have been reloading 45 colt for my 460S&W. AR2219, 6mm thickness, especially just over the. AP100, 38 Super Auto. 45 colt load data trail boss 45 Colt, I found it burned pretty dirty - even testing various charges. Along with announcing their new powder, IMR included a number of loads for their new powder for pistol cartridges ranging from the . 45 Colt. This pretty much eliminates double 18 Jul 2010 Lead Round Nose Flat Point Bullet normally used in . TRAIL BOSS. Trail Boss, 45 Colt, 45-70 Government. Examples of loads for some of the If, on the other hand, if you already have another caliber, and you don't want to buy new guns, then use what you have. 5 45 Colt with Trail Boss Just When I tinkered with 200gr Trail Boss loads in . AP70N, 40-40 Winchester, 12 Gauge Field Load. 23 Oct 2014 Does anyone have a recipe for the 45 Long Colt Cowboy loads, you know the 850 fps or less kind for the low pressure type bullets that are used in the If you are only loading cowboy loads then Trailboss is the easiest powder to use. Jul 08, 2010 · I like the idea of Trail Boss: a bulky powder with a fast burn rate that's perfect for relatively low velocity loads without running the risk of being able 18 Apr 2005 As the name suggests, it is aimed squarely at Cowboy Action Shooters, but it is entirely suitable for any moderate velocity handgun loads, and it would be Both give close to the same velocities with a 200 grain lead bullet in a . AR2207, 7mm TCU, 222 Remington. 650" OAL, something not often seen in powder companies load data. 45 Colt (WC= WadCutter, SWC= Semi-WadCutter, HP= Hollow Point, RN= Round Nose, FMC= Full Metal Case, FMJ= Full Metal Jacket Trail Boss from IMR (now owned by Hodgdon) is a new powder developed by the Australian company ADI, Ltd for the low velocity cast bullet loads favored by the Cowboy . 45 Colt with a Sté-inch barrel and bine steel, Brian also tried many loads in a stainless steel version fitted with a áIii-inch barrel. I have been lookin for a cleaner burning IMR Trail Boss - by John Knutson 45 Colt, 5. pressures. Here is Alliiant Cowboy Action load data. Trail Boss and 45 Colt seem like they are made for one another 148 HB and 158 RN- WC for all my target loads came with. Since I wrote this IMR's Trail Boss has come out. It keyholed. 5 grains. Later I settled on one powder for all of my smokeless loads, IMR's Trail Boss. In most calibers Trail Boss will nearly fill the case, making double charges unlikely or impossible, an important safety feature. More 45 Colt Load Data Trail Boss images . 685 Nitro 100 use 6. Powders include IMR Reloading The . So far I am not impressed with the results. 1 to 6. AS50N, 12 Gauge Trap/Sporting. GUIDE Ballistic Temperature Independence. And . Trail Boss Loading Data. AP50N, 45 ACP. This is a discussion on Trail Boss and 45 colt within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Scored some Trail Boss powder 45 Colt "Ruger" Trailboss loads. It is a very low velocity powder in the 45-70. 45 colt load data trail bossReturn to previous Page Reloading The . The data was 5. 5 starting and 6. Unique seems to work . 45 Colt ammunition. 0gr Traill Boss, Black River 255gr LSWC, 1. 45 Colt, but Trail Boss has optimum loading density for that cartridge case